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At eye level with our customers

Taking up the adventure to move to another country, is a decision with longterm consequences. if it is Malta or somewhere else, you require reliable, content, wise and correct information about the future location to be able to take the right decisions. Having morte than 20 years life and work experience in Malta ourselves, we can provide you with this for your future business important information. We will have even an eye on price-performance ratios of our local partners, knowing that newcomers sometimes pay a “special price”. This is very essential, when it comes to purchasing property or comparing services. We keep our own pricing structure very transparent by either charging monthly fees or agree up front to fixed hourly, daily or monthly or package rates. You can always calculate the costs for your Maltese operation, without facing big surprises later on. Together with our partners in the respective home countries and by taking part in seminars and informational events of the local authorities, we keep our service always up to date in order to adapt your structure to the changing legal requirements. We don’t accept cash payments without proof of source We don’t run anonymous companies or bank accounts We fulfill all legal required duties of disclosure, but keep clients affairs highly confident We solely work with serious and experienced partners, all with valid licenses in their respective fields We solely represent the interests of our customers towards third parties We only represent companies with a valid VAT number We are interested in long term relationships We help in optimizing tax burdens within the available legal frame – not tax fraud