The majority of our clients have the following aspects in mind, when they think about internationalization of their business and personal affairs:

  1. Long term strategy regarding profit planning through careful internationalization

  2. Income optimization in an English spoken, safe country

  3. Making use of legal possibilities to avoid excessive tax burdens

  4. Finding cheaper production facilities or partial outsourcing of production processes

  5. Making use of national and international funding options

  6. Expanding sales  into upcoming markets in Asia, Near/ Middle East and North Africa

  7. Finding a safe, political and economical stable production location abroad

  8. Access to international financing

  9. Building up new business relationships with international banks

10. Possible change of residence to another country, with Malta as an option

11. Preparing pension life and securing income and assets

Through an intensive dialog we will search for the best possible ways to protect your private or business income long term, find new markets or optimize your supply chain. All this requires careful responsible planning and strategy.

Should you decide to work with us, we will be happy to grow together with you and will definitely take the load off your Maltese administration and cost structure.