You would like to relocate to country outside Europe ? You do international business also outside Europe?  You would like to diversify and secure your wealth and assets long term?

If the answer is yes, the choice of the right construction of a global set up can be more than a challenge. It is not easy, to find an acceptable and reasonable offshore/ onshore outside Europe solution suiting your individual needs. Us, at SSCI with many years of experience, integrity and an outstanding network of specialists, will develop with you the “right” company structure and also manage it, if required from your side. There are various company formations possible, such as trusts, holdings, IBC, LLC and Ltd, depending on the country of your choice. SSCI is connected with a number of offices globally to design the most beneficial and sustainable structure for your future business or wealth management. SSCI can offer suitable offshore and onshore solutions from the standard start up, to specialized packages, designed to enable also more complex structures, often connected with Maltese company formations.

Contact us, to discuss with us your ideas, we are confident, that we can assist you in a very professional, experienced and friendly environment.

We look forward to hear from you