Gaming and Casino Licenses  in Malta

Malta was the first EU member state to introduce Remote Gaming Regulations in 2004 and is with nearly 500 licensed operations becoming one of the world`s leading jurisdictions for all sorts of gaming.

The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) is the single regulative body, managing all gaming activities in Malta, such as casinos, commercial bingo, poker, communication games, sports betting, the National and other lotteries and non- profit games. The MGA is neutral in terms of technology and game of any type of gambling by means of distant communication (internet, mobile devices and telephone). Application process, certification and monitoring is very strict, to protect players and investors alike, but straight forward and the authorities are very supportive and accessible too. Malta has earned a very good reputation being a perfect host for the rapidly growing gaming industry and ancillary services.

Since the regulations are now in place over 10 years and constantly improved, some market leaders have chosen Malta as a base as headquarters. One finds all support services, from IT providers, software specialists, to antifraud managers and state of the art data centers.

All applicants have to pass a fit and proper test, and submit detailed business plans, references of the business and technical abilities of all persons involved in the operations. A key official in a director`s position has to be appointed and serves as point of reference for the MGA and all other relevant Maltese Authorities. Servers and employees have to be based in Malta. Once the application has passed all different stages including an extensive and detailed business and technical ability assessment carried out by the MGA a license is issued for 5 years and needs be renewed every 5 years hereinafter.  MGA requires permanent reporting and checks, constant compliance audits and system audits. Still the Authority remains supportive and accessible to the gaming industry, and has earned a highly recognized reputation, has been also been “whitelisted” with the UK Authorities. With good connections to the key players in the local gaming industry SSCI can provide you with a one-stop-service to obtain your license, we look forward to hear from you.  Further information