Who we are

We moved our own business and family to Malta 26 years ago, and never regretted it. Due to recommendations and multiple requests, we use our experience to advise and manage clients activities from Europe and overseas, who want to make use of the different advantages moving their business or private life to Malta. Beside a good work/ life balance and the strategic position, Malta offers an innovative yet regulated framework in respect of company structures, taxation and funding possibilities for special sectors.

Our Headquarters are situated in Mosta, a lively very central town which can be reached easily from all parts of the island. You can contact us any time in German, English, French or Italian using traditional or modern ways of communication. If necessary, we can provide professional translation services for most usual languages.

All specialized financial services, such as trustee services, fiduciary services, investment fonds, Maltese foundations, are going to be carried out in collaboration with our partners, all well established in Malta, each a specialist in his field and fully authorized, supervised and licensed by the respective Maltese financial Authorities namely the MFSA.

Your personal and confident documents are not going to an anonymous office with frequently changing personal, but will be taken care of by us personally. Our structures are transparent, you will always have access and control over your Maltese Company and been updated with your correspondence.

With a slim company structure, decades of experience, a solid reputation and very good connections, we can offer if compared to others, an outstanding service, meaning best value for your Money.