Location Malta for the Industry and Manufacturing Business

Malta is an EU member since 2004 and adapted the Euro 2008, through its strategic position in the central Mediterranean close to neighboring markets in Northern Africa, Middle East and Asia. Furthermore, Malta has agreements for free trade with North- and South America in place, additionally on a bilateral level with most of the neighboring states. Apart from English, Maltese is another official language, which is an Arabic dialect. It makes the communication with these countries a lot easier. Compared to other European countries, salaries and wages in Malta are still very reasonable, paired with an excellent work ethic and a generally above average higher education. Malta is well connected to the international network of Airlines, and hosts one of the biggest ports in Europe. Industrial parks for general Manufacturing, Electronics, Gaming, Film Industry, Pharmacy, and Bio Chemicals, are already in place. Currently some ambitious new big projects are being completed, such as an Aviation park, the complete overhauling of the Ports and close by properties, a Life Sciences Center and www.smartcitymalta.com , a private owned complete city, aimed at the IT industry. The first tenants have already moved in. Apart from EU support, the Maltese Government stimulates sustainable growth of investments and employment with a number of effective incentives on a local base.

Entrepreneurs and SMEs can benefit from support for the training of future employees to the needs of the business, qualified business advise,  grants up to 50%  for first time taking part in international exhibitions with an own stand , travel allowances, soft loans, guarantees, and tax credits for sustainable new employments and innovative investments. These are valid up to 5 years and can be used to steer the tax burden down to 0% in Malta, provided an intelligent management of investments and employment. (Malta Business Promotion Act) Furthermore certain sectors can be provided with suitable premises to very reasonable rental rates. All supporting measures are available also for Maltese companies with foreign shareholders.

Obviously the Maltese Government expects certain requirements of possible investors regarding their reputation and securities as usually quite extensive financial commitments are involved. In general, Maltese administrative bodies are very supportive and accessible.  Us at SSCI, having been originated in the manufacturing industry ourselves, know the “local scene” of service providers and suppliers quite well. We look forward, to assist you with your expanding projects or exploring new business opportunities. Talk to us, we look forward to hear from you…