The structure of Maltese foundations became more and more interesting for various reasons, during the recent years, especially for wealth and asset protection, to ensure the continuity of the purpose for 100 or more years.  There are various types of foundations, such as government ones, or for a social purpose, not intended to do a profit. and the private foundations, which are created to support and protect one, or a number of named beneficiaries. Different to a trust, the foundation has its own legal identity, and becomes the physical owner of the assets designated to the foundation by the founder. This structure provides a high level of security and confidentiality for founder, assets and beneficiaries as the registrar of legal persons in Malta, responsible for the registration of foundations, has to ensure the highest level of confidentiality to all stakeholders. Even in court hearings, only founders, beneficiaries and the administrators of the foundation will be allowed.

Malta recognizes foreign foundations and Maltese registered foundations. Only few companies are licensed to act as an administrator for a Maltese foundation, compulsory for Maltese registered foundations. The creation process of a foundation is always a very individual and personal undertaking, many aspects to be taken into consideration, speak to us, working only with fully authorized and licensed partners through MFSA, the Maltese Financial regulator, we will ensure you with the best possible support and administration for your Maltese foundation.

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